UTÖPIA x Frank Perrin


Artist : Frank Perrin

Paradise Yourself, 2019

  • Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Flag dimension: 4’.75 x 2.75’;  145 x 85 cm
  • Limited edition of 100 ex
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Artist Frank Perrin

Born in 1963 and based in Paris, Frank Perrin is an artist who questions restlessly the notions of capitalism and what he calls « post-capitalism », meaning our vision of luxury and our obsessions. Through photography, but also performances, installations or neon lights, he captures this present that fascinates us: fashion, yachts, sexuality…

With his bright neon lights, Frank Perrin takes the codes of marketing and applies them to existential problematics. Tricking the viewer’s brain into a more meditative than consumerist mood.