Highway to Heaven


Istanbul74’ and Utöpia present a collaboration with contemporary artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac featuring a limited-edition artist flag for their project “FLAGS FOR FUTURE”.

• Made with upcycled plastic waste.
• 10% of the proceeds help to fund our programs for plastic interception, education and communication, material science, and eco-innovation.
• Flag dimension 150 x 100 cm
• Limited edition of 100 ex


Artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was born with the gift of creative flair. In his youth, he attended the famous art school, ‘Ecole des Beaux-Arts’ and then continued on to ‘Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Vêtement’. His passion for both art and fashion continued to grow during this period and the skill to nurture both elements equally grew into a remarkable talent. During the ’70s Jean-Charles forged memorable friendships which deeply impacted his career, Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols and Andy Warhol amongst others. Creating his own brand in 1978 he reached the top ranks in the fashion design industry and was invited by major international fashion schools to show and to educate young talent. Notable exhibitions were held in New York and London and in 1982 his fashion parade of dresses painted by Jean-Charles Blais, Combas, Hervé Di Rosa, Ben, Annette Messager, and Keith Haring caused quite a stir on the catwalk but the Yvon Lambert Gallery firmly supported this revolutionary approach of breaking boundaries between contemporary living art. In 1997 Jean-Charles was asked by the Vatican to design an official cape to be worn by the Pope. The multicolored cross displayed on the Pope’s ‘chasuble’ was worn by Pope John Paul on World Youth Day. His work was loved by different Hollywood artists like Lady Gaga and Kanye West. In 1999 his first concept store was opened in Paris and de Castelbajac the stylist, designer, illustrator, and writer continues to create colorful art as an antidote against norms.