Beach towel by Arsham Studio Sailing Team – St Barth Regatta 3021


Artist : Daniel Arsham

Utöpia present a collaboration with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, featuring a limited-edition artist towel supporting sustainability.

  • Limited edition towel of 100 ex
  • Made with 100% Natural Cotton velour
  • 420 gsm, zero polyester
  • Towel dimension: 32 x 64 inch / 81cm x 163cm
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Artist Daniel Arsham / Arsham Studio

Daniel Arsham employs elements of architecture, performance, and sculpture to manipulate and distort understandings of structures and space. Arsham became widely known at the age of 25 when he was asked to design his first of several sets for Merce Cunningham’s productions. His practice has been guided by a curiosity for architecture and structured space, stemming from childhood memories of seeing the wreckage of Hurricane Andrew in his hometown of Miami. Some of his best-known works include a series of installations that destabilize the solidity of gallery walls, such that they appear to be dripping, folding, oozing, or absorbing furniture; also figuring among his oeuvre are pixelated clouds based on photographs and rendered with hand-colored spheres, and sculptures made from granulated materials like crushed glass. He is also active as one half of the art and architecture collaborative Snarkitecture, along with Alex Mustonen.