Blowin’ in the wind, 2020


Istanbul74’ and Utöpia present a collaboration with contemporary artist Giasco Bertoli featuring a limited-edition artist flag for their project “FLAGS FOR FUTURE”.

  • Made with upcycled plastic waste.
  • 10% of the proceeds help to fund our programs for plastic interception, education and communication, material science, and eco-innovation.
  • Flag dimension 150 x 100 cm
  • Limited edition of 100 ex
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Artist Giasco Bertoli
Giasco Bertoli has lived and worked in Paris since 2000. Photographer and videographer since the 90s, he studied photography at the European Design Institute in Milan and at the New School in New York. Fascinated by the trilogy inseparable from life, sex and death, he is interested in the dreamlike and ordinary combination of everyday life. In his job, places and portraits are approached as studies where the notions of absence mingle at the same time and presence. Giasco Bertoli publishes regularly in different magazines. Giasco Bertoli’s photographs of cassettes tapes link the once-shared associations, music’s name performers, grooves, and styles. They are now the grave markers of a short-lived tradition of “Mix Tapes”.