February 2020

For his new exhibition at Eden Rock, the American artist Daniel Arsham, re-examines the concept of permanence, continuing to develop his own temporality, inherent in his artistic practice. He has worked on memory and time since his beginnings — a hurricane which he survived in Miami in 1992 made him more sensitive to this idea of finitude — notably developed by reproductions of objects that dealt with obsolescence.

Some artists cannot be confined to a single medium. They mix formats, play with materials. They innovate. Daniel Arsham, built his career on breaking down the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, performance and fashion. Daniel Arsham’s greatest fashion moment came this year when Kim Jones asked him to work on the Dior Men springsummer 2020 show in Paris. Arsham brought his Future Relics aesthetic to the collection that - like in Arsham’s own artistic work - was like a futuristic time capsule.

At Eden Rock Daniel Arsham will expose various unique works, a sand painting composed of pink pigments “My sand paintings are like a fixed version of the Tibetan mandalas, seeming temporary and ephemeral, while on the contrary, they play on the question of representation. My main subject is therefore this link between permanence and impermanence.”

Daniel Arsham is situated more in an introspection and a reflection which could be inscribed in uchrony (if the past had not been the past, what would be the present or the future?). He ingests different cultures, surfs on time, gargles to look in multiple directions, often on the fringes of contemporary art. This intimate work is very clearly associated, today, with slowness and contemplation, even if there again he is not afraid to communicate, in parallel, with the speed and bulimia offered by social networks.