Utöpia is an exhibition with flags by artists at Delano South Beach in Miami that will take place June 20th - August 20th, 2019 curated by Jenny Mannerheim and Philippe Combres in partnership with TheArsenale, TheArtpark and L’Officiel magazine.

From white flags for peace to the black flag of pirates, and the rainbow flag for pride, in the folds of the flag there is an almost magical power. From the legendary and conquering flags of history books to the Stars and Stripes planted on the moon, they move with the command of icons and trophies. One of the oldest forms of media in the world, the flag now occupies a renewed place in public space. This is increasingly true in virtual publics and online social networks. As a new media, it invites us to raise our heads to the sky. The flags of artists have become vectors of communication. The flags by the artists in Utöpia will be exhibited throughout the gardens, the beach, the lobby, the hotel store and in a selection of rooms of Delano South Beach. The artist's flag exhibition includes works by Giasco Bertoli, Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, Blair Chivers, Krista Kim, Mathias Kiss, Gianni Motti, Frank Perrin, Ami Sioux, Ruiz Stephinson, Skylar Williams, Frances Wilks & more to come.

The Delano, from its location of the iconic Miami South Beach, promoting Miami as an international art destination, also invites Blair Chivers to present his distinctive art in the lobby and gardens of the hotel along with a series of ten flags created especially for the Delano South Beach. Blair Chivers is a Canadian artist whose work explores power; particularly the power of the mind and emotion. For Chivers, engaging with art can stimulate ideas, broaden perspectives, and increase our sense of possibility. The words and imagery that Chivers uses are designed to inspire contemplation. “Life is Great”. “What you feel most you attract”. “Never never never give up”. “You’ll see it when you believe it”. One key to understanding the power of the creative mind lies not in the meaning of the words but in how they feel and resonate. Chivers’ art doesn’t aim to shift the viewer’s mood, but rather to offer the opportunity to engage with art while feeling good. That’s playing with power! Art can be an effective amplifier, but the source of the power lies within the viewer.

Utöpia invites us to raise our heads as high as the flag floats in the sky. This idea is the antithesis of the culture of social networks that involves lowering your head because getting lost in the contemplation of these screens is to bend over. Jean-Luc Godard once observed: “When you go to the cinema, you raise your head. When you watch television we drop it.” His maxim points towards the submissive character of media. Far from us criticizing social networks, we take Godard to invoke their usefulness and purpose. To carry the flags of Utöpia is to live proudly within the world and not to bend to a screen.

Join for a live screening to celebrate the exhibition opening and experience the power of his ‘message therapy’, free of charge. A selection of artworks and fashion will be exclusively on sale from June 20th - August 20th, 2019. Interactive silk-screen performances by artist Blair Chivers on the opening night June 19th from 7 PM - 10 PM.

The artist will give silk-screening performances where one can participate directly with his creative practice. Each of Blair Chivers work’s reflects his belief in the power of emotion and mind. These artworks are ‘prêt à emporter’, meaning that more people can experience the luxury of art and the pleasure of collecting. Blair Chivers is a Canadian artist whose work examines the power of positive emotion and thought while addressing contemporary issues of art production and access.

Guests can purchase pieces from the hotel or are welcome to bring along pieces they wish to get printed, during the live art sessions. Printing is free of charge, the goal of Blair Chivers work is to spread positivity through his art. Past sessions have seen him live print a wide spectrum of items, from Birkin bags to sneakers, leather jackets to peoples skin... What will be next? An exhibition that is blowin’ in the wind!
Exhibition June 20 - August 20, 2019 Performance & Opening Cocktail. June 19th, from 7-10 pm. Location: Delano South Beach, 1685 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139