Our Commitment to Accessibility

If you are having difficulty viewing, navigating, or browsing content on our website or mobile app; or notice any content, feature, or function that you believe is not fully accessible to people who are differently abled, please:
• Contact our Customer Care team
• Write to us at admin@utöpia.com
• Please use “Accessibility Barriers” as the subject line so that we may address the issue as soon as possible. A description of the specific feature you feel is an accessibility barrier and/or a suggestion for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

UTÖPIA is committed to creating an accessible and user-friendly experience. Feedback is invaluable to us and will be used to improve our efforts to accommodate the full scope of abilities.
Customer Care
Please call us for immediate answers to questions regarding orders and shipping.

Contact us by email: admin@utöpia.com
Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, Signal:  +1 7029304818
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.